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  1. Make sure you have an account with the 2022 system. (Register)
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  4. Enter the Dinner Submission page: Submit Dinner Preferences
  5. From the Category dropdown box, select the ticket, table or sponsorship package purchased.
    Note:You'll need to submit a separate dinner preference for each product you've purchased.
  6. Enter the Name Primary Contact - this is the person we will contact to resolve any issue with Preference Submission
  7. Enter the Company. Make sure all your Dinner Preference submissions share the same name, to ensure the tickets are assigned to the same table!
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  9. Provide any Special Instructions (Note: Food allergies can be provided in the next section). We will try our best to accommodate the positioning of table requests but this cannot be guaranteed.
  10. For all tickets for the given Product, enter the Name of the ticket holder, their meal preference and any Food allergies.
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  14. Repeat steps 5 to 13 for every package you've purchased.